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Tony's Italian, the Generational Story...

Tony Scartz grew up in a cocoon of Italian fare... Italian cuisine once it reaches the restaurant level. His father, Carl Scartz, owned the Knotty Pine in Grandview Heights when Tony was of the age to do the chores expected in a family establishment.

His mother, Liberty, kept the food faith, of course, with true Italian fare. There was never any doubt as to son Tony Scartz doing anything in his business life other than owning his own restaurant.

In 1982 Tony's Italian Ristorante opened. Those were the days when such touristy destination names as Brewery District had yet to be invented. German Village was across the city's main north-south thorofare - S. High St.  For the first two decades the dining public thought of Tony's as a German Village restaurant. Today, as the Brewery District gains appeal, we move Tony's into the correct locale.

Tony's has always been on The Dispatch's top lists. When the newspaper annually had just a Top 10 fine dining list, Tony's made it annually. When the newspaper expanded restaurant coverage with listings by ethnicity, Tony's was a fixture on the Top 10 Italian lists.

    Tony's is a survivor against the invasion of many chain Italian operations. It has kept a following of regulars who find the personality and personalities in such a fine restaurant more than appealing. Examples: Tony Scartz, while highly qualified to run his own kitchen, tends to the front of the house; Bartender Chuck Vyzral, behind the same bar for more than 21 years, proves that old-school barkeeps have a firm place in our changing society; and the man in whites and seldom seen in front of the house, Tony Stanley, has been in the kitchen as top chef for 17 years.

Tony's has valuable continuity.

Best of all, Ohio's state government, both major parties, continue to meet at Tony's for lunch and dinner. Tony Scartz is proud to quietly referee.

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